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Transform your smile with clear aligner Treatment


At The Bay Orthodontics, we offer two different types of aligner systems.

 Invisalign and Spark, aligners both work in a similar way, your orthodontist will advise you which aligner system will be suited to your treatment.

What’s the process for having Aligners?


You’ll need to attend a consultation to discuss aligners and alternative options. Your orthodontist will assess your mouth and let you know whether you’re suitable for aligners or what the other options are.


If you’re suitable and would like to go ahead with treatment, we will write you a treatment plan which you’ll need to sign. Then your custom-made aligners will be created for you using 3D imaging technology.


Once your aligners have been made, your orthodontist will talk you through how to make your treatment a success. You’ll need to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours a day for them to work properly. You can take them out to eat, drink and brush your teeth.


You’ll see your orthodontist every few weeks to change your aligners and check in on your treatment progress. The number of aligner sets required for your treatment depends on your individual needs. Once you’ve worn all your aligners, you’ll be given a retainer to help keep your teeth straight.

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Does Aligner’s treatment hurt?

Clear aligners are more comfortable than traditional braces. Your teeth may ache or feel tender for the first few days of treatment and when you have your aligners changed, due to the pressure on your teeth. This is completely normal and any discomfort should wear off quickly.

How long does Aligner treatment take?

How long Aligner treatment takes to straighten your teeth depends completely on your individual needs. The average treatment time is between 18 and 24 months.

Once you’ve had an assessment with an orthodontist, they’ll be able to give you a more detailed estimate of treatment time.

How much is Aligner treatment?

The cost of Aligner treatment completely depends on your individual needs. Everyone’s teeth straightening needs are different, so your journey will be unique to you. Speak to your local practice about payment options. The first step is to book a consultation at the Bay Orthodontics practice and we’ll talk you through all the costs involved. Over 10 million people have straightened their smiles with aligners.

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